Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dishing it OUT

The dishwasher that I so carefully covered and masked and taped (so it wouldn't get overspray during the painting process) is being replaced. I could fret over all that work for nothing, but instead I will be excited about the prospect of a dishwasher that actually... washes dishes!

The accused dishwasher
(not obscured to protect the innocent, I can assure you)

My old Bosch dishwasher does not, in fact, wash dishes. Jeff calls it a dishwasher-like object, because I have to clean the dishes thoroughly before I put them in, and sometimes even clean them thoroughly after running a cycle. It swirls water around, but it frequently leaves a tub full of sudsy water in the bottom at the end of the cycle, and it has actually never ended a cycle as long as we have owned it (secondhand, of course). It has a digital display and will count down to 1 minute, and there it will remain for hours. It never drains, and it never stops running. This means I have to babysit the dishwasher (which takes over 2 hours for a regular cycle, and even then the countdown numbers will jump up and down randomly sometimes, adding or subtracting time at will).

It was so disappointing this summer to have my nieces work with Jeff to install it, only to have it not work properly. And to add insult to injury, the girls don't have a dishwasher at home and were looking forward to a break from handwashing!

I called the manufacturer and it apparently needs a new circuit board or something, which is around $150. Then we would still have to pay for labor or do the repair ourselves. It is a reputable brand and a nice stainless steel model, but I don't think we have it in us to do one more DIY endeavor during this kitchen remodel.

Jeff suggested today that we find a replacement now instead of later, as it will be easier to install, level, and hook up a dishwasher before the counters are in. So, huzzah! When this remodel is complete, I will hopefully have a fully functional dishwasher in addition to the stove and fridge I have been looking forward to!

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