Friday, May 4, 2012

Blooms Everywhere

After a refreshing and cooling rain Wednesday night into Thursday, all the plants are looking plump and perky. We found old fashioned pink climbing roses over in the "jungle" (the as-yet unlandscaped overgrown corner of the yard).


Then there is the giant Gardenia bush blooming in the morning sun.


Last, but not least, Jeff's favorite olfactory treat is the wild honeysuckle (he's so easy to please)!


The chicken joined us as we were weeding around the beds. All the rain brought out the worms and other crawling delicacies she so vigorously hunts for. I'm glad, because otherwise she has to dig pretty deep and has been kicking the mulch out and unrooting new planting. I'm just thankful she hasn't gotten curious about the recent windowboxes and jumped up there to check them out.


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