Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saving for a Rainy Day

Jeff came with me to make a rain barrel yesterday. I've been planning to take one of the classes the Extension Service offers on rain barrels, but so far most have been offered in other counties. This one came up a few weeks ago, and since Jeff would be done teaching classes, he offered to accompany me.

It was a simple hour lecture and demo, and then we were set free to pick our barrels and use the available tools. It's quite simple, but I'm glad we attended the class, because we had access to much nicer barrels than I could have found on Craigslist or something. These are 60 gallon terracotta-colored olive barrels from Greece with threaded lids, which makes adding the debris screen on top much easier. Jeff likes the Greek emblem and lettering on the side, and even enjoys the odor of Mediterranean food evoked by the empty barrels. We each made one rain barrel, but we got the contact info in case we decide we would like more matching barrels.

Waiting my turn for the pipe-threading tap

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