Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Master Gardener Grad

Our Master Gardener class had graduation today. We started the program nearly a year and a half ago, back in January of 2011. It was four months of classes and 50 volunteer hours to completion. I am proud to say that our class was the first in the tri-county area to have all the students complete the entire program. Many do the classes but don't get their hours in, or some have to drop out of the class. Our group survived a "freak" snow and ice storm (for Alabama, anyway), major tornadoes, our extension agent/main lecturer breaking multiple ribs, and several other minor catastrophes. But we stuck together and have become a tight-knit group.

Graduation was a fun evening shared with spouses and loved ones, all gathered to enjoy a catered BBQ chicken meal and the presentation of certificates and official name badges. I already have plans with some MG friends for fieldtrips and outings, so the fun continues!

In a class of almost 30, I was one of the youngest!

Sarah MG grad
Surrounded by good friends and fellow gardening enthusiasts

Receiving my certificate and name badge


  1. Congratulations you Master of the Garden! You'd mentioned in a conversation that it was something you'd wanted to do for quite a while--I'm so glad that you "just did it!"

  2. Congratulations on this newest title. :)