Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hang 'em High

With the purchase of a few random cabinets on Craigslist, three coats of paint, and more measuring, finagling, discussion, and planning than you would think necessary, we finally have some storage in the mudroom.

Mudroom last July

My CL cabinets before

Mudroom now, in progress

I'll eventually build two custom narrow cubbies to fill out the upper run and trim the cabinets to the ceiling, but that is a project for another day! So is the meticulous painting of the multi-pane glass door that goes on that center cabinet. Please use your imagination and pretend you can see into the cabinet. Oh wait; you can!

The mudroom was simply the back porch in another life, before being closed in. The concrete floor, therefore, was thoughtfully designed to shed water with a very definite pitch towards the rear. Great for floods, but not so good for interior design. I will soon replace the large white bottom cabinet with a narrow drawer base at the end run, topping the whole length with a countertop to form a large work surface and desk area. But said drawer base will have to be jacked up a bit, in order to form a level line with the upper cabinets.

My Habi Restore find, a 15" drawer base, mid sanding and prepping.

We'll be hitching that puppy more than two inches off the floor to achieve parallel with the new counter. So with that in mind, we had to hang the uppers higher than normal to maintain a decent distance between countertop and cabinets. At 5'2", I already have to stretch on tippy toe for the third shelf; now I think I'll just resign that space for Jeff's things. When I told Jeff that, he asked what things were his!

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