Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Planters

I have been desiring some nice planters for the front steps. The concrete caps are just begging for some green, growing things on top. But attractive planters of a decent size can be expensive, especially once you add in the potting soil and all the plants. So I was thrilled when I found some nicely shaped and sized pots at a local closeout store.

planter before

No matter that they were an unattractive beige-y color! I have my favorite "stick to everything" primer always on hand, and I even had sample cans of the perfect paint color right in the shop (the same blue-gray-green as the clapboard siding on the upper story of the house). I bought two sizes of each planter and have been priming, painting, and poly-ing the last few days. I'm quite happy with the frugal result! With some more clearance plants and gifted freebies, the four planters should be full by tomorrow.


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